Weddings in Talland

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This is what the wedding guests missed - they were waiting in the church! The bride arrives in vintage Rolls-Royce - August 2000 photo: R.J.Tarr

Most country churches are more relaxed and photogenic settings for a wedding than those in busy towns. Talland Church is an exceptional location, set as it is in on a hill-side in a tiny hamlet, with one end of the churchyard in a shady, wooded dell and the other end looking out over Talland Bay and the English Channel.

Father helps bride out of wedding car and arranges that special dress - August 2000 photo: R.J.Tarr

In the Church of England, you need to live within the parish, or get a Special Licence, to be married in a particular church. Talland Church, though situated in a tiny hamlet, serves the whole parish of Talland, which, these days is in a joint ministry, with Lansallos and Polperro. So weddings at Talland Church, whilst not an everyday or even every week event, are not too rare, fortunately.

Father William Braviner, Talland's Vicar, waits at top of steps to greet the Bride and her Father - once the wedding photographer finishes! - August 2000 photo: R.J.Tarr

Were you married at Talland Church? Would you like to share your wedding pictures with visitors to this website? If so please contact us (e-mail to "mail" at "") and the pictures of your big day in Talland could be on this page!

Most couples who are married at Talland Church are ordinary folk, but some are famous, or have subsequently become famous, for longer than just their big day in Talland. We'd like to list famous people who were married at Talland Church on this web page - if possible with photos - so please tell us what you know!

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