Talland Bay

The blush of sunset hues the evening skies
And softly glows where Talland lies.
High above the cliff a lone gull soars,
Then screeching wheels away.

Now the whole world seems from trouble free,
Nor sorrow nor death on the murmuring sea,
Save here where the Church has long time stood
As God and man decreed it should.

Rough granite grave stones gaunt and tall.
Their hieroglyphics to recall
Names peculiar to the district round
Still proudly proclaimed their Cornish sound.

But all round to me is hallowed earth,
Where banks of primroses give birth,
Where salt sea breezes act as balm
To my troubled mind to bring me calm

And so when times are hard to bear,
I dream that I have journeyed there,
For every single worldly care
Can cease at Talland Bay.

by Peggy Oliver (deceased)