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Looe Community Website

Looe is about 3 miles east of Talland - its two parts - East and West Looe - stand either side of the Looe river. Looe is a town compared to Polperro as a large village. Looe is brasher than its smaller neighbour but both share problems of car parking and narrow winding streets. Although built up dizzying slopes like Polperro, Looe is more open, whilst Polperro lies in its snaking valley almost secretly. Looe's community website is our sister website (as is Polperro's). As yet it does not have the same extent of material on it - but key bodies such as the Looe Town Trust are now getting actively involved so the rate of development is set to increase.

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Polperro community website

Polperro lies 2 miles to the west of Talland. It is the epitome of a picturesque Cornish fishing harbour and village. And there is no better way to approach it than by the coastal path from Talland. is a "sister" website to this one and it has loads of material. Like the village itself, it's a "must visit". To visit - click here

Polruan village website

Polruan is about 9 miles to the west of Talland, at the mouth of the River Fowey (Fowey is on the western bank of the River Fowey, immediately opposite Polruan. Other than Lansallos, which is little more than a hamlet, Polruan is the first place to the west after Polperro. It occupies a stunning position, some of its houses loking out to sea, but most looking across or along the estuary of the River Fowey. Polruan can be reached by car or, more spectacularly, by walking the coastal path. You can cross to Fowey by passenger ferry but do your homework before you go to Polruan or cross to Fowey as public transport to make the return journey is very limited.

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Sclerder Abbey

Sclerder Abbey was established in 1843 with French connections and the abbey has been used by the Roman Catholic Church for a variety of purposes in the past 170 years. On 30th May 1981, a Foundation of Carmelites, from Quidenham, Norfolk, moved to Sclerder, where they remain to this day praying for the needs of the people and the Church.

Roman Catholic services are held in the Abbey chapel on Sundays.

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This information updated 4 October 2012

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