August 11th 1999

A date to remember when we look back in time
As we meander our way, from the Farmpark Trelay
down leafy lanes to Talland Bay,
Uphill, down dell, across a ford
high in the sky two buzzards soared
Our final descent under an archway of trees
we pass a bank of montbretias, swaying in the sea breeze

The eclipse approaches - photo: RJT Now on the beach we look to the skies
Protective glasses covering our eyes
It is overcast, grey, not very clear
then a break in the cloud begins to appear
And as we gaze, a glimpse of the sun
the Solar Eclipse has just begun!
No place could be better than this rugged Cornish bay
for the cosmic event on this special day
It is now the eleventh hour, ten minutes past,
the light is fading very fast

the eclipse passes - photo: RJT

Another minute passes by
Total Darkness in the sky
An eerie silence falls around
all about, not a sound
The whole world seems to be asleep
until the gulls begin to shriek
On the horizon a glimmer of light,
this phenomenon an amazing sight
and a second dawn starts to break,
an uncanny feeling in its wake
We have now experienced a total eclipse
A once in a lifetime we could not miss
The right place, right time, for us on this day
no other than Talland Bay

by Anne Brown, © 1999